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A family of piano tuners since 1912

A family of piano tuners since 1912

A family of piano tuners since 1912

The Watterson family have been part of the Melbourne piano industry since the late 1800's. Specialized skills of piano tuning and restoration have been passed on for 5 generations with younger family members undergoing this time honoured training today. The many aspects of our work include:

  • Piano tuning
  • Restringing,
  • Action restoration
  • Hammer replacement
  • Damper re-felting
  • Bushing repairs and all other important components.

Private piano restorations are perhaps the most enjoyable part of our work. In this process we rebuild and re-present family instruments which have given generations of service but now require restoration. These instruments go back to the families ready to give faithful service for years to come. This same care and attention goes into the variety of our second hand pianos available for sale, all carrying an unmatched guarantee.

  • “I am pleased to confirm that Len Watterson has competently tuned my G.Schwechten upright piano for over 30 years. During this period he has also renovated the instrument to my satisfaction. I am pleased to have the opportunity to attest for the personal integrity and technical competence of Len”

    Ken Broadbent

  • "I am no expert, but the big sound and tone of our instrument is a joy to hear. Our piano has passed through Len's caring hands more than once, and internally, 80 years old as it may be, it is absolutely pristine.”

    Tim Broome

  • "My Ronisch upright grand piano was meticulously restored, with strings and felts procured by Len, from the best sources and replaced with only a master's skill. With endless appreciation, thank you Len.”

    Helen Ryan

Services Offered

  • Home piano tuning and servicing
  • Free quotations regarding piano repairs and restoration work
  • Piano rent to buy service from $10/week no deposit
  • Cabinet restoration and polishing
  • Piano stool making
  • Deluxe all surface castors - supplied and fitted
  • Piano transportation
  • Used pianos for sale, restored pianos from Germany, England, United States and Australia. Tuned and delivered with our unmatched warranty.

Restored Pianos

We restore, tune, and sell unique pianos sourced from Germany and all over the world.
Our range of upright pianos are constantly changing, so please call or drop by to our warehouse to view our beautiful range and find out which pianos are in stock.

Zenker & Shultz




Julius Feurich


Fr. Schilling


Beginner Pianos

We supply beginner pianos that come thoroughly checked and tuned so you’re ready to play straight away!
Starting from as little as $600 you or your child can begin to learn the joy of the piano. The best part is when it comes time to upgrade we welcome you to bring your beginner piano back to us and trade it in!

Visit Our Seaford Warehouse To View them UP CLOSE!

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